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Join forces against ipaytotal - Wiker007 - 01-27-2020

Hi all.  I created this forum, because this company has stolen a lot of money from me,
and I can see on the internet, that I'm not the only one.
Join forces, gather information together and report them to police and license providers.

RE: Join forces against ipaytotal - Wiker007 - 03-13-2020

Hi all,

I would like to publish their new name and company as they changed it.

NeoBanQ and Neobanq Global ltd. They were so shameless, that they contacted me with this company
and gave me an offer. The only trouble, that I only used the email address they reached me

to communicate with them. no with any other processors ever. I also checked company address what is the same:

IPAYTOTAL LTD - 60 Windsor Avenue, London, England, SW19 2RR
Neobanq Global Ltd - 60 Windsor Avenue, London, United Kingdom, SW19 2RR
(The director of the company also an Indian Person )

Be very careful !!!